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Farming enterprises contribute about 20% of Australia's total greenhouse gas account.

The greenhouse gas calculator has been developed to provide an estimate of farm-based emissions in Queensland. Whilst based on best available information, it is not definitive and should be used for information only as there is an element of uncertainty associated with estimating greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural enterprises and ecosystems.



This project is one of the Australian Government's Native Vegetation Regional Pilot Projects funded through the National Heritage Trust adminstered by the Australian Government Department of Agriculture.

The aim of the Native Vegetation Regional Pilot Projects is to investigate and pilot improved arrangements for native vegetation management such as: more flexible and practical regulatory implementation approaches; least cost regulatory compliance mechanisms; and complementary non-regulatory approaches, including government, industry and regional initiatives.Through this project, the Australian Government is investigating the broader benefits of providing incentives to farmers for native vegetation plantings as well as their contribution to diversified farm income streams.

The project was developed by AgForce Queensland and managed in collaboration with the Institute for Future Environmnents at Queensland University of Technology.

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